Posted September 13, 2021

Here is an updated reading list for the 2021 Teamster election. My first reading list was posted in October 2020.

Since last October there have been several major developments in the race for the union’s leadership including, the nomination of the two slates for the…

Reflections of an antiwar labor activist

9–11 began for me with the phone ringing off the hook. I stumbled to the phone and listened to my voicemail. It was my mother calling. “Joey, something terrible has happened. Turn on the TV.” My brain wasn’t really working but I turned on…

The Teamsters Have Entered the Chat (w/ Joe Allen)

Bonus Episode of the Working People Podcast hosted by Maximilian Alvarez

This interview was edited for length and clarity.

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Working People: A lot of folks who are watching this from…

A 2021 Teamster Election Primer: Gangsters, Reformers, and Socialists in the Teamsters. A Reading List by Joe Allen

The 2021 Teamster election is well under way. After two decades in power James P. Hoffa, Jr. will not be running for reelection but there is a real contest for who will…

The threat of the Far Right by Joe Allen

Joe Allen looks at the rising threat of the Far Right, its relationship to the Trump Administration, and its implications for the Left before and after the November elections.

We are in a dangerous political moment. The far right has surged…

A younger Richard M. Daley, former mayor, marching with friends.

The Return of the ‘Hamburgs’? White Vigilantes, the Chicago Police, and Anti-Fascism in Chicago by Joe Allen

Chicago has seen some of the largest and most militant demonstrations in the United States during the two weeks that followed the murder of George Floyd. Thirty thousand people marched and rallied on…

DSA Labor Perspective, Part 2: The Far Right and the Working Class in the U.S.

By Joe Allen

Not matter who wins the 2020 presidential elections, millions of working class voters and unions households will vote for Donald Trump, despite his wide-ranging attacks on trade unions and working class living…

Hey all, I’m running for a position on the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission. Here’s my candidate statement.

I’ve been a socialist for over four decades and a member of DSA since the summer of 2018. I’m currently a member of the steering committee of the Chicago Labor Branch. …

DSA Labor Perspectives, Part 1: For Eco-Socialism and Workers’ Power by Joe Allen

Humanity faces the prospect of extinction during the course of this next century as our planet becomes increasingly uninhabitable. The climate crisis is no longer an obscure subject of concerned scientists and activists: it impacts all of…

Where Are the Teamsters Going?

Where are the Teamsters going?

By Joe Allen

The Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) held its 44th annual convention in Chicago in early November, where it endorsed Sean O’Brien for General President and Fred Zuckerman for General Secretary-Treasurer in the 2021 Teamster election. They…

Joe Allen

Joe Allen is a former Teamster. He writes regularly for Tempest magazine and is the author of The Package King A Rank and File History of UPS.

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